About Us

Our Mission is:

To Love God and Our Neighbor
through Worship,
Growing in Faith,
Caring for Each Other,
and Proclaiming the Good News
of Jesus Christ.

About Bethlehem

Bethlehem Lutheran Church of Joliet, Illinois traces its origin to the Swedish migrations of the late nineteenth century. Although the changing neighborhood around Bethlehem’s building is no longer populated by Swedish immigrants, and the congregation is much smaller than it once was, it remains a place where descendants of those immigrants, as well as people of many other ethnic backgrounds, hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and live their lives as a family of his disciples.

Bethlehem is a traditional church. At its center is the proclamation of the word and the celebration of the sacraments in the Lutheran tradition. The historic liturgies of the western church have always been used and treasured at Bethlehem and they continue to be used exclusively. Our magnificent pipe organ provides strong leadership for our liturgies and hymns. Bethlehem is a church closely knit together in the bonds of Christian love. We are a pilgrim people, living by the forgiveness of our sins, relying on God’s sufficient grace, deeply rooted in the Lutheran Confessions, ecumenically open, committed to Scripture, and to one another, but most of all to the Lord Jesus Christ. All are welcome in our faith community, and all the baptized are invited to join us a the Lord’s table. Bethlehem is a financially stable congregation whose work is under girded by faithful stewardship.